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The Fastest Production Motorcycles In The World

The Fastest Production Motorcycles In The World


The philosophy behind the Superbike category, which was created half-way through the 1970s, was to race bikes that were very powerful but were in any case similar to production models on sale to the general public.

The possibility for the general public to identify themselves with the bikes in this championship that were so close to production models has been the basis for the success of the Superbike category.
These are some of the most powerful and fastest Superbikes available in the market ranked by its maximum speed:

BMW K1200S 167 mhh (268 km/h)
BMW K1200S
With enough raw power to shock even the most seasoned adrenaline junky, the K 1200 S hurls you from a dead stop to sixty mph in just 2.8 seconds. Once you’re over the whiplash, you’ll keep climbing, topping out at speeds that run neck-and-neck with the fastest production motorcycles in the world.

Ducati 1098s 169 mph (271 km/h)
Ducati 1098s
The Ducati 1098 is a 1099 cc L-twin sport bike manufactured by Ducati. It was announced on November 8, 2006 for the 2007 model year and replaces the 999. The 1098 makes a manufacturer claimed 160 horsepower, 90.4 ft-lb torque, and weighs 173kg. These figures gives the 1098 the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any production sport bike ever made.

Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille 175mph (281 km/h)
Aprilia RSV 1000R
The RSV Mille and limited-edition RSV Mille Factory are high performance V-twin powered motorcycles made by Aprilia with a 143 HP 998 cc engine built by the Austrian company Rotax. For 2006. the RSV Mille Factory won the Maxisport category for Masterbike 2006 and overall Masterbike of the year.

Yamaha YZF R1 176mph (283 km/h)

The Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle, introduced in 1998, was the first significant motorcycle in the true litre class (1,000 cc) “handling arms race” between the Japanese Big Four motorcycle manufacturers (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha). When introduced, it took the class closer to a true racing motorcycle, and increased the handling capabilities.
Yamaha YZF R1

Honda CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird 178mph (286 km/h)
Honda CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird
Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird is a sport-touring motorcycle built by Honda. It combines big engine power, Easy operational error-tolerance with touring comfort. The Blackbird production started in 1997 and the last year of production was 2006. The Blackbird was the result of Honda’s attempt to build the world’s fastest production motorcycle, stealing the crown from Kawasaki.

MV Agusta F4 1000 R 185 mph (299 km/h)
MV Agusta F4 1000R
The F4 1000 R was released in 2006 and came with a 174 horsepower (128 kW) engine. The F4 1000 R also has upgraded Brembo Monobloc radial brakes, forged black Brembo wheels, a carbon-nitride coated Marzocchi upside down fork and a upgraded Sachs rear shock absorber (compression & rebound damping adjustable in high & low speed range). The F4 1000 R engine does not utilize the TSS system. A 1+1 (Biposto) version is available that adds a pillion for a passenger. In August of 2006 an F4 1000 R was used to set a record for the fastest production class 1000 cc motorcycle of 185 mph (299 km/h) at Bonneville Salt Flats.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 (ZZR1400) 186 mph (300 km/h)
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14
The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, named Kawasaki ZZR1400 in Europe and Japan, is the flagship model in Kawasaki’s sport bike lineup and their most powerful model.
The Ninja can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour (62mph) from a standing start in under 2.5 seconds, and is capable of completing a standing quarter mile in about 9.83 seconds.

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 190 mph (305 km/h)
Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
The Suzuki GSX1300R, also known as the Hayabusa, is a hypersport motorcycle introduced by Suzuki in 1999. It has a 1299 cc inline-4 engine rated 175 bhp (129 kW), and was consistently tested as the fastest production motorcycle in the world. The name Hayabusa is the Japanese term for the Peregrine Falcon, known for its speed, and perhaps a joke at the expense of the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird which was the fastest production motorcycle prior to the Hayabusa: the Peregrine Falcon is a predator of the common blackbird.

MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K 227 mph (365 km/h)
MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K
MTT Turbine Superbike, also known as Y2K Turbine Superbike, is the world’s second wheel driven motorcycle powered by a turbine engine, created by Ted McIntyre of Marine Turbine Technologies Inc. Powered by a Rolls Royce Allison 250 series turboshaft engine, producing 238kW (320hp), this motorcycle has a recorded top speed of 227 mph (365 km/h), with a price tag of US$150,000. It is recognized by Guinness World Records as the “Most powerful production motorcycle” and the “Most expensive production motorcycle”.Unlike other contemporary motorcycles(such as the Hayabusa), 2001 and later models of MTT Turbine SUPERBIKE do not have the 300 km/h speed limit self-imposed by Japanese manufacturers.